When looking at a granite countertop, it is hard to imagine the extensive and time consuming process it has undergone before arriving in your home.  Thousands of miles have been traveled and hundreds of hands have extracted, polished, trucked, shipped, received, measured, cut and installed that piece of stone.  Natural stone has a history in regards to its formation, but simply getting from the earth to your home is a story in itself.  It is this story that explains why people who enjoy their granite countertops appreciate natural stone.  Every piece is as unique as the homeowner themselves.

This appreciation of natural stone separates granite from “just another building material”.  Yet despite the many processes that are involved, natural stone remains very competitively priced.  In many cases it is priced lower than solid surface products, even though solid surface is produced at a fraction of the cost.  Natural stone is in a class by itself.  The only truly natural choice is natural stone.